Dabbing Tools

Dabbing Tools: What Are They? How Do I Choose The Best Dab Tools?

Dabbing Tools

Dabbing tools refer to devices used by dabbers to pick concentrate and place it on a vape pen or dab nail. Although small, the piece can make or break your dabbing experience. They are available in different shapes and sizes and different materials.

The same way you decide when and how to consume your dab, knowing the concentration variance is also essential to help you purchase the best dabbing tools. As a dabber, having the right tools will turn your experience tenfold and still allow you to microdose.


The Best Dabbing Tools for You

Dabbing tool accessories come in handy as simple applicators to complete your dab setup regardless of what you are dabbing. It is the potent middleman between your flavor, vape, and getting high. If you want to add cool dab tools to your rig, consider the primary factors.


Safe To Use

There are many cool dab tools online to choose from, and you should ensure the one you settle for is safe to use. They are made from different materials, but whatever you decide to buy should be heat resistant to avoid a breakdown when exposed to heat.

Considering where, how, and the consistency of whatever you are dabbing is also vital when choosing the best dabbing tools to avoid wastage. Pesky concentrates need a sword or blade dabber for easy cutting through and measuring the right amount.


Get Quality Material

The best dabbing tool accessories are made from glass, stainless steel, ceramic, and titanium, and it all boils down to individual preferences.

The materials are heat resistant and durable, and what you decide to add to your dabbing tool accessories is entirely up to you. Still, it should also compliment your rig arsenal.

For titanium dabs, ensure that they are made certified from titanium as it is light, durable, and heat tolerant. Stainless steel has cool dab tools that come in colorful anodized durable options.


Types of Dab Tools

The ideal dabbing tool accessories will help you smoke your concentrate with ease and conservatively. These tools resemble dental tools, but only one end is shaped for dabbing purposes while the other is the handle.

  • Carb Cap – High temperatures make for a perfect inhale, and this dabber will retain heat within the banger. Depending on your taste, you will get them in different shapes, colors, and designs.
  • Terp Pearls – Although it is uncommon among users, the pearls are very conservative. They evenly distribute your concentrate over the nail allowing the user to vaporize the concentrate fully.
  • Dab Wand is shaped like a scoop, and using it leaves no mess. You will find them in different colors and designs, but the most popular ones are made from glass and titanium.
  • Silicone Dab container – They come in handy for storing concentrates. Cleaning and maintaining them is easy due to the silicon material.


Compatibility Of Your Cool Dab Tools Of Choice

When purchasing dabbing tool accessories, it is essential to get one that will be effective for the job; picking the right amount of concentration without making a mess or wasting.

Since this dab tool is an addition to your rig factor in the following details to ensure it is compatible with the rest of your arsenal, especially the concentrate.


Sap or distillate

If this is your fun poison, the most suitable dabbing tool accessories are flat or scoop dabbers because the concentrate is sappy and runny, making it tough to contain.

Getting a scoop-shaped dab will help in fetching and placing in the vape without making a mess and preserving the vapor potential.



Otherwise known as sugar, this is a dabbing tool accessory, with a high concentrate rich in terpene and delivers maximum flavor. Its consistency is runny and gritty, and the ideal tool for transferring it is a flat, scoop, or shovel-shaped design.



These dabbing tool accessories are made of crystals and are unmatched in power, and you wouldn’t want to waste even a tiny bit of it. Therefore, you need a dab tool to transfer them efficiently, like the flat or scoop dabbers. They appear like sandy, rocky crystals, and a shovel dab tool will be ideal.



Shatter cool dab tools are sticky, hard substances that need a pointed tool for tearing the needed piece off. You can use a blade to cut or a flat dabber for optimal dosing. Because of shatter’s sticky nature, you need a little more effort to tear it than other concentrates.

A pointed or flat tool works best for pulling a taffy concentrate to avoid stringing it, making it more difficult to separate. To break off a portion of taffy, you need to poke and pull the concentrate apart to get the required dab size quickly.

They aren’t sticky but dry. For drier consistencies like crumble and wax. Use a flat or scoop dabber to pick tiny dab bits, then crush them to form another dab.


All in One Cool Dab Tool Kits

How about gifting yourself a complete kit with all dabbing tools at your disposal? You will no longer limit yourself to one tool, but you can dab whatever concentrate you decide comfortably.

There are complete kits available online like the SkilleTools, a traveling kit packed with a combination of several dab tools.

As if having all these tools in one place is not enough, the kit is made from nylon material, which is water-resistant. On the inside, your tools are in mesh pockets, keeping them neat, and they cannot hit or rub on each other.

If the complete dab tool kit sounds like your thing, it’s time to own one and make yourself proud. Once it is in your hands, ensure you keep it clean, including each tool, meaning you should clean them after using any concentrate.

If you are new to dabbing, using these tools might feel a little confusing, but with time, you become a pro in picking the right amount of dab without making a mess or struggling.


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