How To Keep Your Banger Clean With The Best Dab Rigs

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Have you ever tried dabbing? If not, you should do so. Dabbing is a great way to relax and calm yourself down. It is a way to relax and escape from the world around us. Dabbing has become a popular way of consuming cannabis concentrates due to its higher potency than smoking flower marijuana. There are many different ways to dab your concentrates, including using a pocket dabber.

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Cleaning the banger regularly is also crucial for you as a dabber for better enjoyment.


Why Is It Important to Keep Your Banger Clean?

Cleaning your dabbing bowl regularly is one of the best things to ensure your dabs are always flavorful and delicious.


It’s essential to clean your dab rig, especially the bowl, because the residue from dabs left in a banger will start to build up over time and affect the taste of your next dab.  Also, you can avoid inhaling carcinogens from the residues of the dabs if you clean your bowl regularly. Further, cleaning will make your bowl last longer—if you’re not cleaning it properly, it could break down more quickly than usual!


How Often Should I Clean My Banger

Cleaning your dab tools will make it easy to take the next day. You must clean your banger after every use! You can clean the rest of the rig every week.

It’s also essential to clean your bowl regularly to avoid the risk of burning your concentrate with leftover bits of old wax stuck on the inside surface of your banger or nail.

If you don’t have cleaning tools, we recommend buying one from DabTray Company! Our cleaners are made from high-quality materials and work well with any concentrate, including shatter, budder, wax, etc., so feel free to use them in any nail or banger!


What Is The Process Of Cleaning Your Banger?

Cleaning the banger is easy, but it’s also essential. If you don’t properly clean your dabbing bowl and other equipment, you’ll have a funky taste in your mouth and a dirty pipe.

It would help if you had cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol to clean your banger. Make sure you get everything super clean by using the cotton swabs dipped in isopropyl alcohol to wipe down the inside of your banger. You mustn’t use water or any other liquid when cleaning a banger because it could damage the ceramic or glass.

Once you’ve cleaned the inside of your banger, place it back on top of your rig so that it can dry completely before using it again.